Karen Nolan Mizz Winkens Illustrator
Irish Illustrator, always in search of a challenge.  I have been known to dip my paintbrush in the wrong cup and spoil a perfectly good mug of tea. When I’m not pushing pixels round a screen or creating images, I like to make stuff. Any stuff really – I’m not fussy. Visit my shop for a range of my greeting cards and other goodies.
Throughout the two decades I’ve spent working in the design industry I’ve illustrated for clients such as Energia, The Marine Institute, Dublinia, Trocaire, Environmental Protection Agency, Good Food Ireland and the Irish Agricultural Museum. 
I have an MA from National College of Art & Design (2005), a Silver award from Art Directors Club, Switzerland (1998), 2 runner-up images in Creative Quarterly 35 (summer 2014) and a well-earned gold star for “best picture” from Miss O’Brien's class (1975).

Other things I like to do 

I love to design books. I wrote and designed a book called Sweet Memories the Story of Urney Chocolates, documenting the rise and fall of my great grandparents' chocolate factory. I design other things too. You can see my graphic design work here.
Call me  on ++353  (0)53 912 6606 or you can email me below
Thank you!
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